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Child Care Program

Learning to Play, and Playing to Learn!

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Our Infant classroom has a licensed capacity of 10 children with 3 classroom teachers. In the infant program, we focus on warm, responsive interactions between children and staff, and creating a positive transition into the world of child care!

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Our Toddler classroom has a licensed capacity of 15 children with 3 classroom teachers. In the toddler program, we focus on providing the children with a rich, interesting environment that the children can explore holistically with their mind, body, and senses.

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Our Preschool classroom has a licensed capacity of 24 children with 3 classroom teachers; the program seeks to provide your child with the necessary skills to begin their school journey.

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Our Philosophy

McNicoll Avenue is a child care centre that values learning through play; we employ an emergent, child-centred curriculum that is inspired by children’s emerging skills, interests, and natural curiosities. We believe that play is an active form of learning that unites the mind, body, and spirit; through it, children learn to express themselves, use their creativity, work together, as well as develop their imagination, dexterity, physical capability, cognition, and self-regulation.

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What Parents Think

“Our daughter Violet has been at McNicoll CC for three years, beginning in the infant room before graduating to the Toddler and Preschool rooms. In that time, we have seen her grow in remarkable ways under the care of the amazing teachers in all three rooms. From the first day, the staff always made sure that she (and us) were comfortable with the process and provided us with clear outlines of what her days would look like. They had detailed plans about the daily schedule and always had creative ways to engage the children through play and fun. Violet would come home with stories about outdoor time & nature walks, arts and crafts, story time, and all the unique toys that she would get to play with. In addition, we were extremely pleased with how the Centre handled all the new challenges around covid. They communicated plans, implemented new cleaning routines, and developed new creative ways for the children to have fun while staying safe. At all times, we knew that Violet was in good hands and being taken care of at the highest level! We loved our time at McNicoll CC and we have spoken glowingly about the Centre to friends and family - we highly recommend it!"

- Violet's dad