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Diverse Learning Environments



Our Infant classroom has a licensed capacity of 10 children with 3 classroom teachers. In the infant program, we focus on warm, responsive interactions between children and staff, and creating a positive transition into the world of child care! This classroom has a more flexible schedule and 3:10 ratio which supports each child at their different developmental stages. We focus on creating a program that satisfies the children’s emotional needs, provides space for the children to learn and grow, and exposes them to a variety of age-appropriate materials and experiences to facilitate their development. By one year old, the children are gently transitioned to a more predictable schedule in preparation for the toddler program. 


Our Toddler classroom has a licensed capacity of 15 children with 3 classroom teachers. In the toddler program, we focus on providing the children with a rich, interesting environment that the children can explore holistically with their mind, body, and senses. We encourage children’s feelings of competence by giving them increasing opportunities to experiment and solve problems, and build social skills by modelling empathy and positive, respectful interactions. Outdoors, our curriculum provides ample space for children to test their physical limits through various opportunities to run, ride, climb, roll, and jump! 


Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

Our Preschool classroom has a licensed capacity of 24 children with 3 classroom teachers; the program seeks to provide your child with the necessary skills to begin their school journey. We foster curiosity and excitement in learning by providing a rich variety of learning opportunities that promote creative expression, inquiry, collaboration, and communication. Cultivating positive social skills is a priority in this program, and is a foundational skill for a smooth transition into primary and beyond. The pre-kindergarten program introduces children to an educational program which includes language, mathematics, science, art, music, drama, and physical education. 

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